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Madagascar (Caps count: 1)Seychelles (Caps count: 1)South Africa (Caps count: 6)Europe (Caps count: 5650)Asia (Caps count: 211)Namibia (Caps count: 3)Mozambique (Caps count: 1)Swaziland (Caps count: 1)Zimbabwe (Caps count: 2)Malawi (Caps count: 1)Zambia (Caps count: 1)Angola (Caps count: 1)Tanzania (Caps count: 1)Democratic Rep. of Congo (Caps count: 1)Republic of the Congo (Caps count: 1)Uganda (Caps count: 1)Burundi (Caps count: 1)Rwanda (Caps count: 2)Kenya (Caps count: 3)Ethiopia (Caps count: 2)Eritrea (Caps count: 1)Gabon (Caps count: 1)Equatorial Guinea (Caps count: 1)Cameroon (Caps count: 1)Nigeria (Caps count: 7)Egypt (Caps count: 6)Tunisia (Caps count: 1)Benin (Caps count: 1)Algeria (Caps count: 1)Morocco (Caps count: 3)Mali (Caps count: 1)Senegal (Caps count: 2)Burkina Faso (Caps count: 1)Togo (Caps count: 1)Gambia (Caps count: 1)Ghana (Caps count: 4)Cote d'Ivoire (Caps count: 1)Guinea (Caps count: 1)Liberia (Caps count: 1)Sierra Leone (Caps count: 1)AlgeriaMadagascarAngolaNamibiaSouth AfricaSwazilandEritreaNigeriaLiber.MaliMoroccoEgyptBurkina FasoBeninTogoGhanaCote d'IvoireGuineaCameroonKenyaTanzaniaZambiaMozambiqueMalawiSeychellesEthiopiaTunisiaRepublic of the CongoGabonEquatorial GuineaSierra LeoneGambiaSenegalRwandaUgandaBurundiDemocratic Rep. of Congo010100100010000and moreAsiaEuropeSeychelles (Caps count: 1)

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